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4 remote companies share their hiring secrets

CareerPivot.com recently posted “4 Remote Companies Share Their Hiring Secrets” with a quote from Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack, about using PI’s assessments during the hiring process.

It can be helpful to have an extra pair of eyes—or four—to help assess whether a candidate would be a good fit for your company or not—and also to ensure that what’s written in his job application is actually true. “We have historically used StrengthsFinder and the Predictive Index to help during an assessment,” says Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack. “More importantly, every person hired is required to complete a small on-the-job project during the hiring process. This allows candidates the ability to show their actual work, creativity, and ability to solve problems.” So if you want to have a more well-rounded hiring process, you might want to consider hiring a third-party organization to help you identify key candidates who would be an asset to your company.

Read the full article on CareerPivot.com.

Elsbeth is the content and community manager at PI.

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