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How to calculate employee turnover cost

4 min read

A large part of employee turnover is connected to bad hiring decisions. SHRM estimates average annual employee turnover rates to be around 19 percent. For a 200 employee-sized business, that’s 38 departures every year. In compensation terms, the real cost of employee turnover can be anywhere from 30 percent and cost up to 5 times the position’s annual compensation,…

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How to pass a personality test and common questions on faking assessments for employment

7 min read

Thinking about gaming the system? What you need to know before faking a personality test. You just applied for a job and you’ve been asked to take a personality test or other pre-employment assessment. Questions immediately start rushing through your head. Is this going to be hard? What if the results are not truly me?…

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Creating mutual respect in your workplace environment

3 min read

Develop mutual respect in your workplace among co-workers, managers and leaders with our actionable tips and examples.

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Five ways cognitive ability can help increase sales performance

5 min read

The results are in from our cognitive ability study, and it’s revealing positive correlations with sales performance.

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Reflections on HR Technology Conference 2016

5 min read

By Drew Fortin A look back at HR Tech and what we’ve learned

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The one thing you’re overlooking when evaluating workforce assessments

9 min read

We chatted with our SVP of Science about the importance of scientific validity when it comes to workforce assessments. In the quest for the right assessment for candidate selection — hiring, onboarding, and/or development — finding a solution that provides meaningful and accurate results is more difficult than it seems. While we assume many assessment…

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Sales managers: Use these tips for trade shows and events.

8 tips on how to best interact with your team members

5 min read

A supervisor’s worst nightmare is walking into a team meeting filled with arguing, apathetic, or inconsiderate employees. When a team is dysfunctional, both the company’s culture and bottom line suffer. Successful teams are made of members who are purposeful in their interactions, mindful of behavioral differences, and try to communicate effectively with each other. It’s…

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The strategic workforce planning 5-step framework

6 min read

What is strategic workforce planning Strategic Workforce Planning is essentially aligning your human capital needs with those dictated by your business plan and strategy. A well thought out workforce plan will answer questions like: Is your workforce fit to take on the challenges outlined by your short term and long term goals? Do you need…

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how to write a job post predictive index

The candidate whisperer: The power of the job post

4 min read

A couple of years ago, a recent college grad and self-described “big idea thinker & doer” took to LinkedIn to share his experience and insight as a new full-time job seeker. His article focused mainly on job descriptions and offered companies advice on how best to construct them to attract millennial talent like him. Nearly…

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PI integrates with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset

2 min read

By Drew Fortin Have you ever found yourself sitting in a meeting wondering, “Why is she being so aggressive?” or “Why doesn’t he speak up?” Wouldn’t it be great if you could see your co-workers’ PI behavioral patterns any time you needed them?

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