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Frontline employee customer service rep

How to motivate frontline employees

7 min read

Just because you ask cashiers to collect email addresses from customers doesn’t mean they will. They might not cross-sell products like you ask them to either, or even embody your brand promise of customer service. Motivating your frontline employees— i.e. cashiers and customer service reps—to support your business goals can be a struggle. You might consider…

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How to hire a top-performing project manager

10 min read

Fulfilling the point-person role to see projects through to fruition, project managers must be up for the challenge of spearheading necessary tasks and taking the fall if something goes wrong. A good project manager can be the difference between meeting deadlines, budget and, scope requirements and failing to meet expectations. With so much at stake,…

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leader sitting in office

8 leadership lessons of 2018

6 min read

Take a leadership lesson—or eight—from the annals of 2018. Let’s take a look back at the year that offered a slew of successes and a few cautionary tales.

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financial services worker

With labor shortages affecting the financial services sector, it pays to plan ahead.

4 min read

As tempting as it may be to fill a position with a “good enough” candidate, in the long run, it pays to hold out for the right candidate. That’s especially true right now when a growing shortage of skilled labor is affecting the financial services sector. A 2018 study by Korn Ferry predicted a worldwide…

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Creating an intentional culture at a team outing

How Acceleration Partners made Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list two years in a row

16 min read

When you want to learn leadership lessons, look to the people who aren’t just talking the talk but also walking the walk. Acceleration Partners landed a spot on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list two years in a row, and CEO Robert Glazer generously agreed to sit down with our own CEO, Mike Zani, to…

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Consultant trains business leaders

The 5 best podcasts for business leaders & leadership

4 min read

The most successful executives are in a constant state of learning. You should always be looking for opportunities to learn, listen, and think creatively. Not only will you become a better leader, but you’ll help foster creativity in the workplace, and set an example for the employees at your company. Why podcasts are perfect for…

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don't make a rushed hiring decision - hire smart by taking your time

Smart hiring: Don’t make a hasty decision to fill an empty seat.

5 min read

When you’re building a team, you don’t just want to fill a seat—you want to find the right person, and you want to do it fast. But rushing into hiring can be a huge mistake. Because while finding the right person takes time and can be costly, filling the position with the wrong candidate costs…

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human resources manager at desk

How to hire a top-performing human resources manager

8 min read

A human resources manager plays a critical role in any business. As one of the people responsible for bringing in and retaining your greatest business asset—your talent—your HR manager must understand your culture, have a knack for finding top performers, and be business-savvy. A good HR manager is strategic, a superb communicator, a proficient problem…

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Accountants working in office

How to hire a top-performing accountant

13 min read

An accountant is vital to ensuring your organization maintains accurate financial statements and records. Operating a business without strong bookkeeping is like driving a race car with a blindfold on. You can’t measure your progress—and you could very well end up in a wreck if the IRS decides to audit you. With so much at…

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Employee in a creative workplace

3 ways to foster employee creativity

3 min read

As you think about how you run your company, are you giving consideration to the importance of creativity? Too many executives limit their thinking when it comes to creativity and blithely assume that it’s the purview of the design department or the marketing team. But in most organizations these days, creativity is what drives innovation—and…

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HR manager talks with employee

5 inspiring human resources quotes for HR professionals

4 min read

As a leader, you should always strive for continuous learning and personal development. One smart habit to adopt is a morning routine: highest achievers have one. Try waking up early to begin the day with positive thoughts and some reading to help you improve yourself. Here are five inspirational HR quotes to get your day…

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Manager uses HR technology in office

HR technology tools that make work better

5 min read

When human resources professionals leverage technology, the result is more efficient and effective HR departments, bolstered by the power of digital solutions. Not taking advantage of HR technology is one of the seven deadly HR sins. Every day, HR professionals around the globe are wasting precious time on repetitive, time-consuming tasks. When you automate workflows…

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sales manager coaches sales account executive

How to hire a sales manager for a top-performing team

11 min read

When hiring sales managers, don’t leave it to guesswork. Instead, use smart hiring practices to identify candidates who are likely to be a great fit.

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