Rich is a software engineer at PI. Always a tinkerer, he's always been oddly technical (well, ever since he went to Space Camp).

Rich on scooter

My talent optimization journey: What happens when a company believes in you

6 min read

What happens when an employee outgrows their role—but another position isn’t available? Read one employee’s experience leveraging talent optimization.

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meaningful performance reviews

How to give a meaningful performance review

5 min read

Hiring a new employee is just the beginning. To ensure your new hire is successful, they need clear metrics for success and measures of accountability.

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high-performing team

The key to building high-performing teams

4 min read

Applying predictive thinking to hiring decisions weeds out misfits so your teams can maintain high performance and a healthy, functional dynamic.

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tips for first-time managers the predictive index

First time manager tips: how to survive the role

6 min read

Congratulations! You’ve earned a manager title. Your role is about to get a whole lot different. Here’s a quick survival guide.

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People speaking different languages

The role of PI localization for clients

2 min read

A PI Partner gives us insight into what our new localized assessments can do for clients 

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