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Getting to the good stuff, sans psychobabble

By Drew Fortin

I’m a big fan of big words. And as a self-professed sesquipedalian, it’s not uncommon for me to ebulliently excogitate the significance and value of behavioral and cognitive assessments. But – gasconading aside – using big words or complex terminology can backfire if those with whom you are trying to communicate don’t understand you. They can actually be kind of a turn-off and prevent you from moving forward with any kind of momentum or value. You dig? This may be incredibly obvious, but sometimes the mission-critical information we need is buried in a sea of babble.

This is often the case with workforce assessments. Sometimes, us business folk feel put off or intimidated by the scientific terminology that’s associated with assessments. 

So, let’s cut through the psychobabble and get to the good stuff!

On Tuesday, December 8 at 3 p.m. ET, John Sumser, principal analyst at KeyInterval Research, along with our very own Matt Poepsel, PhD and Greg Barnett, PhD, will participate in a live webinar and open debate hosted by HCI, “Stop the Psychobabble! …and Use Plain English to Describe the Problem.” In addition to hearing about ways to cut through the jargon and get at the meat of assessment data, attendees will learn:

  • Why business leaders and HR professionals need assessments
  • How to use your powers for good, with examples of how assessments could go wrong, and how to avoid them
  • How to tell snake oil from reality when evaluating assessment solutions
  • Key things to keep in mind when implementing an assessment process

Make the most of that “voodoo” you do. Register now for the live webinar!


Drew is a PI Certified Partner, and the Founder & CEO of Lever Talent.

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