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The Work on Trial series: Wayne Morris on purpose, freedom, and employee choice

Wayne Morris left a successful role in Silicon Valley in favor of more autonomy, more time with family, and a sense of purpose that felt increasingly elusive.

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A path to perspective: J.R. Martinez is the perfect addition to the OPTIMA22 speaker lineup

3 min read

Not many people embody perspective better than J.R. Martinez, the latest keynote added to the lineup for OPTIMA22, the premiere talent optimization event. 

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company culture quotes

How to take action on employee engagement survey results

8 min read

By taking any action on employee engagement survey results, you’re doing right by your people. But the survey is just step one.

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A manager displaying cross functional team leadership.

10 key skills for cross-functional team leadership

10 min read

Cross-functional teams make your organization efficient and innovative. Learn the best skills to master cross-functional team leadership.

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pro talent optimizer

The future of talent consulting: 5 trends to watch for in 2022

3 min read

As a consultant, you guide organizations through their biggest changes. Stay ahead of major trends with these five 2022 workplace predictions.

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A group of people collaborating to discover their business team type.

What are the most common business team types?

9 min read

Business teams are essential to the modern workplace. Learn about the different types of business teams and how they can help your business.

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A recruiter interviews a candidate during the candidate selection process.

Candidate selection: Improve hiring with 9 steps

8 min read

Looking to fill an open position? Follow these nine steps, and improve your candidate selection process to find the perfect employee.

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James Clear is teaching OPTIMA22 attendees how to build great habits.

4 min read

James Clear, author of No. 1 New York Times bestseller Atomic Habits, is speaking at OPTIMA22. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Two coworkers practicing their soft skills

How to improve your soft skills

7 min read

Employers consider soft skills one of a candidate’s most valuable assets. Learn what they are and how to improve them, using four easy steps.

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Where are our remotes?! The Hybrid Olympics Chronicles

14 min read

The PI People Ops team just pulled off an unprecedented Hybrid Office Olympics. Let me elaborate by walking you through my week as a remote Office Olympian.

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Looking back on a powerful month of Hispanic heritage, stories, and culture

5 min read

Learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month and the importance of tradition through the lenses of several PI employees.

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