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The Predictive Index launches behavioral and cognitive job matching

WESTWOOD, Mass., Nov. 9, 2017 — The Predictive Index (PI), an award-winning workforce assessment platform, today announced the Crescendo release of their software. The updated software, available now in beta, removes the guesswork from hiring to help managers make the most confident hiring decisions.

With the updated software clients can quickly match a job candidate’s behavioral drives and cognitive ability to a position’s requirements, efficiently administer behavioral and cognitive  assessments, and easily reference updated behavioral profiles.

“46% of new hires fail within 18 months. If our products failed at that rate, we’d go out of business. Bottom line, we are absolutely terrible at hiring,” said The Predictive Index CEO, Mike Zani. “With the Crescendo release, we think we can help employers and employees alike by helping both find the right employee-employer fit.”

Key features of the Crescendo release include:

  • Integrated Cognitive assessments – the PI Cognitive Assessment, a 12-minute timed, assessment, is now available directly inside the same software and integrated throughout the hiring process.
  • Profile match & ranking – an automated analysis of how a candidate’s behavioral drives and cognitive ability match with client-defined job targets enables easy sorting through a candidate pipeline to find the best fits for a given role.
  • Pipeline health measurement – an easy-to-understand view of the types and fit of candidates applying to positions to help clients understand whether they’ve set the right job requirements and description.
  • Task-based navigation – an updated user experience to guide managers through the ideal hiring path.
  • Reference profiles – 17 referenceable behavioral profiles to distill down the valuable information found within thousands of pattern combinations.


Over $30 million and counting has been primarily invested into PI’s core science and technology platform since transition of ownership in 2014 – all geared to provide the best experience possible to the workforce assessment and human capital management space. Select clients can begin accessing the beta software this month and should expect even more new and exciting functionality throughout the winter.


Rich is a software engineer at PI. Always a tinkerer, he's always been oddly technical (well, ever since he went to Space Camp).

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