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What makes high-performance teams rock the hardest?

By Drew Fortin

Nope. It’s not an overdose of Halloween candy (although it would be awesome if it were that easy!).

When we asked you last month how you get the most out of your teams, two ideas surfaced that made up more than 2/3 of responses.

Idea 1 – engaging your team members.
Idea 2 – providing clear communication.

Seems basic, right? So basic that most team leaders overlook or lose focus of them often. If your employees feel involved, that their needs are supported, and they know what’s expected of them, they will naturally feel more ownership of their position and understand how their performance impacts overall team/organization performance. Disengagement is usually the result of a bad hiring decision or bad management – it’s rarely the employees’ fault.


According to our October website poll, to get your high-performance teams to really rock, you should also ensure accountability, a safe and supportive culture and strategic alignment. *

With so many employees working remotely these days, it’s critical to make sure they feel engaged by keeping the lines of communication wide open. And that starts with understanding what motivates and keeps each individual charged, what forms of communication they absorb best, and what their natural aptitudes and areas of growth are.

*Electric guitar optional. 


Drew is a PI Certified Partner, and the Founder & CEO of Lever Talent.

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