Mike Zani CEO the predictive index

10 catalysts driving the employee energy crisis

8 min read

We’ve got a real issue on our hands. Understanding the factors driving the human energy crisis is essential to helping our employees recharge.

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How to attract top talent in our new world of work

8 min read

The disconnect between modern job seekers and would-be workplaces is due, in large part, to poor first impressions and underwhelming employer branding.

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management best practices

Evolving the scrum: Creating cohesive engineering teams despite distance 

10 min read

The engineering field is resolute, assured of its abilities, even as modern scrum teams face challenges that force us to revisit some long-codified credos.

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people in class

How to effectively identify and overcome resistance to change

12 min read

Why is resistance to change so persistent? The simple answer may just be that people want stability. They want to be able to predict what will happen to them instead of being confronted with the unknown.

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leadership meeting strategic disagreement

Become a better leader by developing these 18 essential traits.

19 min read

Amid a shifting workplace landscape, one constant is the importance of effective leadership. With so many aspects of work now in flux, the difference a good leader can make may be greater than ever.

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company culture quotes

How to boost team morale and motivate your people

20 min read

Employee morale may describe how satisfied employees are with their work, their level of happiness or motivation, or their enthusiasm or engagement, among other traits. 

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A team of four people sits around a table and creates a talent management strategy

How to develop an effective change management plan

7 min read

Creating and implementing a change management plan helps organize the transition to a proposed change, improves buy-in, and builds trust among team members.

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Living the green dream: A view from the PI Office Olympics pedestal

11 min read

Nobody approached this “return to office” request with a sense of obligation. We were here to connect with colleagues, sure, but also to compete.

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liminate gender bias in your hiring the predictive index

Perception bias: How to recognize and avoid it (with workplace examples)

11 min read

Perception bias influences how we perceive people based on their race, gender, age, and much more, and if left unchecked, it can lead us to make poor decisions based on stereotypes and assumptions. 

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New Frontier of AI in the workplace

A new frontier: What HR teams should know about AI in the workplace

8 min read

Companies are playing perpetual catch-up when it comes to understanding not only who’s using AI tools, but the ramifications of how they’re using them.

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Better Work, Better World at the Big Game: Representation through talent optimization

3 min read

Both organizations put people first, fostering inclusion, diversity, and a sense of belonging that helps pave the way for opportunity and progress. 

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5 remote work challenges (and tips to help you overcome them)

8 min read

The future of work is working from home. Keep your organization competitive by learning the benefits and challenges of remote work.

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why change initiatives fail

What your company can gain from clear career pathing

5 min read

Learn how career pathing can help you upskill your employees, build a succession plan, and inspire future leaders at your company.

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two employees with headsets

Understanding and prioritizing employee well-being

9 min read

Learn how employers who support employee well-being can improve the employee experience, increase retention, and improve the company culture.

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5 uplifting quotes about gratitude and growth

6 min read

Looking to add to the dinner conversation this holiday season? Here are five quotes about gratitude to help fuel learning and growth.

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