Building your cultural interview

What kind of culture do you have? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Many companies don’t have a defined culture. The Predictive Index’s Design module can help you determine your culture through what we call “Team Types.” Team Types are essentially the ‘average’ of every team member’s behavioral preferences. You can explore them in the…

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Promoting leaders at every level

Your culture is not defined just by those at the top. Every person in an organization has the ability to impact the culture. That’s why it’s important to support culture leaders at every level. Sometimes, even those with the least amount of formal authority can play the biggest role in culture. Give employees an opportunity…

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Rewarding and recognizing employees

Reinforcing your values will increase employees’ belief in the culture you’ve created. Determine which behaviors should be rewarded and which should be discouraged. For example, the company pushing for improved teamwork could create a rewards system that recognizes individuals who exhibit team collaboration.  What about addressing a behavior that’s NOT aligned with the culture? What…

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Strengthening values and norms

“Set It And Forget It” is a great motto for a rotisserie oven, not for your culture. Many factors impact a culture, including changes in leadership, company acquisitions, and even day-to-day decisions. It’s up to you and all employees to help maintain the culture you want. This requires you to check on it often. Communication…

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Understanding your company culture

Before jumping to improving or maintaining your culture, let’s discuss the specific culture types. Cultures can be defined by two major competing value propositions:  Based on those values, an organization will fall within one of the four organizational cultures: So, which culture is right for your organization? To best answer that question, you’ll need to…

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Going to Mars: How mission, vision, and values can make or break your strategy
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