How to develop your client’s mission and vision statements

Help your clients develop mission and vision statements with these templates.

The reason we stay loyal to brands is because of their values. The best brands strive to create a connection with customers and employees by standing for something—which we see clearly articulated by their mission and vision statements. When that connection to customers and employees is made, brand loyalty is achieved. 

As a consultant, you want to make sure to position your clients for success—both in their internal operations and external communications. Mission and vision statements help you accomplish that goal. They set the strategic direction for a company—as well as allow customers, employees, and shareholders to understand and align with the company’s culture.

What are mission and vision statements?

Mission statement
A company’s mission statement states why the business exists. It’s at the core of what universally drives the company and employees to make progress. It highlights the impact the company is making on the world.

Vision statement
A vision statement is the company’s North Star. It sets a direction for the company and underscores its purpose. It’s what what an organization aims to achieve over the long term. Although not necessarily time-boxed, the vision statement can evolve over time as the future becomes the present.

Here are some great examples of mission and vision statements to provide inspiration:

To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. 

To create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles.

To serve consumers through online and physical stores and focus on selection, price, and convenience. 

To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer customers the lowest possible prices.

Our goal is to enable each and every one of our customers, partners, grantees, and community members to create more impact in the world.

We believe that the business of business is to improve the state of the world, and we work to make sure Salesforce is a platform for change through serving the interests of all our stakeholders—employees, customers, partners, communities, and the environment.

Dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.

To become the world’s most loved, most flown, and most profitable airline.

To positively impact the working lives of people, therefore positively impacting every other facet of their lives (Better work, better world).

To be the world’s most used platform for connecting people strategy to business strategy through the discipline of talent optimization.

It’s time to brainstorm and write mission and vision statements for your client’s company. 

Use the template linked here and questions below to facilitate a group brainstorm. The goal is to gain alignment and gather the information you need to craft high-impact mission and vision statements for your clients.

How do you know you’ve crafted a great mission statement?

  • It’s simple.
  • It’s no more than a couple of sentences.
  • It seems indefinitely relevant.
  • It can be quantified.
  • It resonates with your customers, employees, and shareholders.

How do you know you’ve crafted a great vision statement?

  • It looks at least 10 years into the future.
  • It’s simple—and no more than a few sentences.
  • It’s aspirational.
  • It’s ambitious.
  • Your client’s employees love it.
  • It can only apply to the specific business.
  • It aligns with and espouses the company’s core values.

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