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What you'll learn:

Covers the business problem that Diagnose solves, where Diagnose fits into talent optimization, and why Diagnose is valuable to your clients.

Diagnose Application certification

Now that you have completed your review of the Diagnose Application, it’s time to answer certification questions and see what you have learned. This will assess your understanding of the Diagnose Application including interpreting survey results, responding to client scenarios, and identifying upsell opportunities.

  • Questions draw upon knowledge from all of the Diagnose Accelerator sections and accompanying field guides.
  • The questions include true and false, insert answer, multiple-choice, and multi-select, which require you to choose more than one answer to receive a full point. Please read each question carefully.
  • You are about to take the Diagnose Application module, which contains 8 questions.
  • The certification is open book. You can refer back to materials in the course for answers.
  • The certification questions must be completed individually.
  • There is no time limit for the certification. Your progress will be saved after the completion of each question. 
  • To pass this quiz you must correctly answer 80% of the questions.
  • To receive a certificate, you must pass all 3 certification question sections across all 3 courses.
  • You will be notified of your score once you complete each section. You will not be given what questions you got wrong.
  • There is no annual re-certification for Diagnose. However, when the Diagnose solution is updated, you may be required to partially re-certify to reflect the evolving nature of PI offerings.

 If you’re ready to begin the certification exam, click the ‘Start Certification’ button below.

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