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What business problem Diagnose solves, where it fits into TO, and why Diagnose is valuable to your clients.

Diagnose in Talent Optimization

The PI Diagnose solution empowers organizations to galvanize employees to operate with a “want to” mentality. When employees are engaged, they care about the quality of their output and are willing to invest energy and discretionary effort to see that work through to completion. Engaged employees don’t limit themselves to a job description; rather, they continually go above and beyond not because it is required, but because they want to.

Organizations have always collected data about their operations as they relate to the overall business strategy—profits, EBITDA, sales results, and so forth—but people data has largely existed on the periphery. Diagnose recommends organizations be as rigorous with people data as they have traditionally been with other critical business data.

To get started, watch Matt P, SVP of Product at PI, review the fundamentals of Diagnose. He’ll explain what the components of the Diagnose aptitude are and its business value for your clients.

Diagnose Aptitude

As you learned in the Ultimate Guide to Talent Optimization, the Diagnose aptitude is one of the four talent optimization aptitudes along with Design, Hire and Inspire. The aptitude is rooted in the collection and measurement of critical people data, so that consultants can aid clients in analyzing that data in the context of their organizations and prescribe remedies as needed. 

The PI Diagnose solution provides consultants with the tools needed to support clients on all three Diagnose activities.

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