Being and Belonging at Work: Why it matters.

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What you'll learn:

The Six themes that people need from work to feel fulfilled and Strategies for both management and employees to improve on each of the six themes

Finding Freedom at Work

The word “freedom,” as applied  to work, might seem odd at first glance. Because it doesn’t always mean you get to do whatever you want. But it does mean you have control over aspects of the projects you’re tasked with. Just because workers want freedom does not mean everyone needs to start their own company to feel fulfilled. But it does mean they need the agency to feel like they have an impact on decisions being made.

Catherine left her old job for an industry where she could feel empowered. It might not always be feasible to give an employee full freedom, but there are tips managers can follow to help provide that sense of employee agency:

Manager Tips

But employers aren’t the only ones who should be knowledgeable about freedom. Perhaps as an individual contributor, you have felt unfulfilled at work. What can you do to try and give yourself that freedom?

Employee Tips

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