Solution and Science

7 Lessons 1 hour 30 minutes completion time

What you'll learn:

Includes information on all elements of the PI Diagnose solution including the Employee Experience Survey, PI software, Employee Experience Coaching services, and Take Action workshop. The PI science section summarizes the research that was conducted to develop the Employee Experience Survey.


The PI Diagnose product suite includes:

  • The PI Employee Experience Survey (PI XP) measures people data related to employee engagement.
  • The Employee Experience Coaching is the services side of the PI Diagnose solution. It is a prepackaged coaching solution that allows you to support your client throughout the duration of the XP survey process. It de-risks the entire process for your client and ensures that action will be taken.
  • The Diagnose Software enables clients to use self-service tools to administer the survey and produce reports to support the identification of important trends.
  • Diagnose: Take Action on Engagement Workshop accelerates and de-risks action-taking by managers; it prescribes a path for managers to develop individual and team-based action plans based on their own unique survey results. 

Let’s review the 4 components of the PI Diagnose solution. After you review the content of each section including Diagnose science, you will be asked to complete a quiz assessing your understanding of the Diagnose Solution and Science.

Let’s begin by learning about the PI Employee Experience Survey.

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