How to hire for culture fit

4 Lessons 10 minutes completion time

What you'll learn:

You’ll learn how to assess your culture, build an interview guide, conduct and score a cultural interview, and add value to the hiring process.

Hiring the whole person

Relying on your gut?

It’s more than just trusting your gut. Turnover rates demonstrate that your gut is often wrong. Just because someone has worked in the same industry, grew up in the same town as another high performer, or did a great job at the actual interview doesn’t mean they’ll fit the company culture on items that matter in your workplace such as timeliness, precision, teamwork, relationships, and innovation. 

It’s easier to assess a candidate’s fit when your organization’s values and norms are documented and communicated. Then, they can become a structured cultural interview.

Match Game

Based on what you reviewed in the Head, Heart, Briefcase interactive above, drag the purple cards to their correct category. If you’re correct, the card will disappear. If you’re incorrect, it will turn red. 

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