How to hire for culture fit

3 Lessons 10 minutes completion time

What you'll learn:

You’ll learn how to assess your culture, build an interview guide, conduct and score a cultural interview, and add value to the hiring process.

How culture fit adds value

There are benefits to hiring for culture fit. When an employee loves your culture, the enthusiasm tends to show in their work. On the flip side, hiring the wrong candidate can be expensive: they may underperform or leave after only a short period of time. There’s benefits to a great culture fit for the candidate too. To see how both the candidate and organization benefit from culture fit, check out our chart below.


Clear company values and norms.
Opportunity to differentiate themselves, based on values and passions.
Understanding of what cultural norms are valued and rewarded in the workplace.


A visible/thoughtful approach to hiring.
An attractive differentiator to talented candidates.
An intentional way to create and monitor culture through hiring.

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