PI Power User Series

Have you ever wondered how to apply PI to a remote environment or how to use Team Discovery to develop team awareness?

Unlock the full potential of the PI software, science, and tools. In this free course series, you will become an expert in applying the Hire, Inspire, Design, and Diagnose products to day to day life.

2 Courses
25 minutes completion time

What you'll learn

  • Learn expert tips on how to apply the PI software and science to daily work
  • Learn how to use PI in a remote and in-person work environment.


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Managing remote employees with PI
10 minutes Completion Time
Being an effective leader can be challenging itself, but now you have been asked to lead your team in a remote setting. A remote workforce comes with its own challenges and the approach you might need to take to keep morale high and your colleagues engaged may be different than in the office environment. That’s why you will need to leverage objective people data now more than ever.
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PI Design Power User
15 minutes Completion Time
Has your team been struggling with meeting goals lately? Are arguments getting out of hand? Bring back the excitement. Inspire your team to crush their goals. Feel the joy of working on a team that trusts each other. You’ve felt the magic of being on a dream team before, and you’re about to feel that magic again. This course will cover how to prevent that conflict using PI's Team Discovery. It will also cover how you can assign roles and responsibilities to team members that make more sense for your strategic goals.

Predicting candidate team fit with PI

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Behaviorally targeted interviewing with PI

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Identifying the right candidates to interview with PI

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