Sample emails

Unleashing the power of your people (by understanding what truly drives them) starts by assessing your employees and enabling them to have more self-awareness and awareness of peers leading to more productive working relationships. It also provides managers with crucial information about how to manage, coach and mentor their team. Assessing all of your employees helps build a culture of awareness and thoughtfulness.

But first, it’s important that everyone understands why you’ve chosen to bring PI to your organization and set expectations. Feel free to use the following emails to announce PI and invite them to complete their assessments.

Announce PI

An internal email communication to introduce The Predictive Index® to your organization

Subject Line: We’ve partnered with The Predictive Index to make our workplace better


Here at [insert organization], we believe that our people are our most valuable asset. We are committed to providing a dynamic environment where everyone can be their best.

For that reason, we are thrilled to announce that we have decided to partner with The Predictive Index (PI)—an organization that is equally committed to improving the working lives of people.

PI helps organizations reach their business goals, all while creating a better workplace for employees. Here’s how:

  • The PI platform will help us hire the best possible talent by ensuring each candidate is the right fit for the role. For managers, this will reduce the amount of time you spend interviewing the wrong candidates.
  • Through PI’s tools, we’ll also be able to foster increased self-awareness, which will help us communicate effectively, strengthen team dynamics, and improve manager-direct report relationships.

In order to make this new partnership successful, we’ll need everyone to do their part. First, take The PI Behavioral Assessment. Doing this will help all of us be more aware of what drives and motivates us as well as those we work with and manage. Tell us what you need at work by taking the assessment here. (insert link from the Inspire Reach dashboard card).

We’re eager to start using PI, so please complete the assessment by [insert final assessment goal date].

If you have any questions about The Predictive Index or would like to find out more about this exciting new initiative, please reach out to [insert PI champion’s name] who I’ll be working with to spearhead this effort.


Sending an Assessment

Customize these to use when sending a PI assessment to an employee or candidate.

Behavioral Assessment
This is the Predictive Index® Behavioral Assessment. Please set aside 5-10 uninterrupted minutes for completion, although you have unlimited time to complete the assessment once it is started. Please complete the assessment by [INSERT DESIRED DATE]. This assessment does not measure intelligence, education or experience. It simply measures work and communication needs.

Job Assessment
This is the Predictive Index® Job Assessment. Please set aside 5-10 uninterrupted minutes for completion and complete by [INSERT DESIRED DATE]. The goal is to determine the behavioral requirements for someone to be successful in this role.

Cognitive Assessment for candidates
The Predictive Index® Cognitive Assessment is a timed assessment that includes verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning questions. Please set aside 12 uninterrupted minutes for completion and complete by [INSERT DESIRED DATE]. The assessment does not measure intelligence, education or experience. It simply measures a person’s capacity to learn, adapt and grasp new concepts.

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