Teams and Team Discovery

What is a team?

A team is a group of people coming together to achieve common goals. A Team in the software is simply a group of people. Teams allow you to easily use features and bulk actions. The purpose of Team Discovery in PI Design is to understand a specific Team’s dynamics, compare them to its mission, and provide actions that will help that Team achieve their mission. It’s up to you and your client to determine who should be included on a Team and what their mission should be. 

Teams created here power our Analytics tool, where you can compare a group’s drives and behaviors, as well as Team Discovery.

What is Team Discovery?

Team Discovery, which is part of PI Design, lets you see and improve any team’s chance of success. You can assess a team’s strategic goals and its collective behavioral identity (Team Type) side-by-side and visualize where the team is suited to succeed and where they may need to stretch. Your teams will work efficiently and autonomously while you can stay focused on strategic business goals.

The purpose of Team Discovery is to understand a specific team’s dynamics, compare them to its mission, and provide actions that will help that team achieve their mission. It is up to you, guided by your PI consultant, to determine who should be included on a team and what their mission should be.

There is a minimum of three people on a team in order to discover the Team Type, but there’s no limit on the number or people you’ll be able to add to your team. Teams between five and ten people provide the most value, so that is our recommendation. Our research has shown that the average team size is seven and our usage data suggests organizations could use one team for every ten employees to get the most out of PI Design.

When does a team become activated?

Team Discovery is powered by teams that you’ve created in the software and is licensed and priced based on the number of activated teams. A team becomes activated once you begin a team discovery session and will count towards your contracted limit. In short, launching that team discovery session is what consumes a single team license.

The software will notify you when you’re about to activate a team, as well as when you have no teams remaining. 

Once a “Team” is activated within PI Design, you will be able to perform actions for that team on an unlimited basis, including:

  • Adding or removing people from the Team.
  • Sending an assessment to a team member.
  • Color coding team members based on roles.
  • Revealing the Team Type for the initial Team, or as a result of any Team changes or proposed changes.
  • Discovering the Team’s Strategy Type or revised Strategy Type.
  • Saving the Team Type and Strategy Type for review.
  • Sharing the Team results with others at your organization.

How do I know how many active sessions I am allowed to have? 

You can see how many teams have been used on the landing page of Team Discovery. Note, it is possible that you will see “Your company has used 3 of 3 teams” and have no teams listed below. This is because it is possible that another user in the company has activated the three teams.

How do I get more active sessions?

To get access to more licenses for Team Discovery, you’ll need to contact your PI Consultant to upgrade your account.

How do I deactivate a team? 

It is not currently possible to deactivate a team. 

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