Planning your career with FABRIC

PI is invested in your future. Career planning outlines the key steps to your professional future, helping you make informed choices on your path to success. A solid plan requires self-awareness, an understanding of what is required in the role you’re in and the role you’re planning for, and the creation of short and long term objectives.

One of the tools you can use to understand the leadership drivers at PI is FABRIC. In this course, see what is expected in the role you're in and the role you're working towards. This will help you and your manager align on clear expectations and actions.

Once you've completed the interactive, you and your manager can work together to complete an action plan.

1 Courses
30 minutes completion time

What you'll learn

  • Leadership drivers associated with your current role.
  • Leadership drivers associated with the role you're working towards.
  • Examples of action items.