Talent Optimization Certification

“According to The 2020 State of Talent Optimization report by The Predictive Index, companies that align talent with business strategy retain 30% more top performers and see 34% higher employee performance.”
– Forbes

Learn to align talent with business strategy by taking the Talent Optimization Certification.

credits upon passing.

The best teams are magic.

Employees fit their roles and the company culture. They work well together. The whole is greater than the parts. Performance soars.

But few companies operate at their full potential. They lack a blueprint for hiring, assembling high-performing teams, and managing in a way that pushes people to the top of their game.

There’s a new and better way to lead. Talent optimization is a discipline that helps companies intentionally, consistently, and strategically design great teams and a strong culture.

It’s a game-changer. One study found that 93% of talent optimized companies avoided major financial loss in 2020 (outperforming other companies by 17%).

If you’re ready to optimize your talent and help your company operate at its full potential, get your Talent Optimization Certification today.

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Note: We offer two certifications based on role: the Talent Optimization Leader Certification and the Talent Optimization Consultant Certification. On the next page, you’ll self-select your role so we can customize your certification experience.

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