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About Acquence

Acquence Solutions Inc. is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation providing advisory services to Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and everything in between.

We are a people-centric organization. We pride ourselves in helping our clients design and execute their growth strategies.

Team Leaders

Nihad McBride

Nihad McBride

Co-Founder, CEO, Strategy Consultant, and Certified Talent Optimization Consultant

Nihad McBride is the co-founder of Acquence Solutions Inc., and a strategy consultant with over 20 years of global experience (Africa, Europe, Australia, North America and Latin America) in finance, corporate governance and business transformation.

Nihad gained experience with global Fortune 500 companies prior to initiating a management consulting career. Nihad led the establishment of a joint venture in the UK for the oil and gas industry in her 20s, and joined the board of a publicly listed oil and gas company in North America in her 30s. Since then, she has held leadership positions with multinational advisory firms, and provided advisory services to fortune 500 companies, publicly listed companies (Nasdaq, NYSE, and TSX), privately held companies, and public sector companies.

Ken McBride

Ken McBride

Co-Founder and Director Information Technology and Regulatory Compliance

Ken McBride is the co-founder of Acquence Solutions Inc. and Director Information Technology and Regulatory Compliance.

Ken is a seasoned business consultant with over 20 years experience assisting Fortune 500 companies in meeting their regulatory compliance obligations (FDA) and performance targets. Ken clients include pharmaceuticals manufacturing giants in the United States, Latin America, and Southern Asia.

Nihad brings a mature and knowledgeable presence to consulting projects: she is a high-achiever who consistently keeps the big picture in focus. A pleasure to work with!

Jim Armitage - Managing Director
Savox Communications Ltd.

Nihad was able to deliver quality work and manage a team successfully through a business startup and an amalgamation project with many challenges including the introduction of financial controls, a management reporting system and external reporting requirements. I fully recommend Nihad.

Robert Lombardo - VP Business Development & Growth Support
Symcor Inc.