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Avoid human complexity, hiring mistakes, bad leaders, and employee disengagement to excel at remarkable teams.

Organizations struggle because human complexity gets in the way. It can negatively affect crucial business decisions – like hiring, and how you lead & motivate your team. Using behavioral insights from people data, I make things simple again and help organizations excel at remarkable teams.

Team Leaders

Rob Lockard, SPHR, SCP

Rob Lockard, SPHR, SCP

Chief Talent Officer & CEO

With 20 years of business & management experience, numerous certifications, and board experience under his belt, Rob is a guide to those looking to avoid the dangers and drudgery of human complexity.

He focuses most of his consulting on supporting organizations as they transition away from bad hires, lack-luster leaders, and employee-to-role, employee-to-manager, and employee-to-team issues to re-engage overall teams.

But things weren't always this way. For years he toiled in the corporate world, not realizing what he was doing to myself by taking on mismatched jobs, with mismatched supervisors. The unintentional results left him miserable and burned out, not knowing why. It wasn't until he was able to experience The Predictive Index that he was truly set free.

Today, he combines his experience and knowledge with this tool to help organizations ensure that they correctly place folks in roles where they too, will be able to stand in their light & use their innate skills and abilities to in the progress and purpose of an organization.

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