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About Qualigence, Inc.

Qualigence International isn’t your average talent research and recruitment firm. We offer an a la carte menu of professional services: sourcing, recruiting, recruitment research, and project outsourcing—with a twist.

For nearly 20 years, clients have relied on us for our flat and hourly pay structure, proprietary candidate assessments, and nontraditional research strategies to maximize efficiency, profitability, talent acquisition, and retention.

Recruitment Research, Recruiting, Competitive Intelligence, Recruitment Education, Executive Search, and Name Generation.

Team Leaders

Steve Lowisz

Steve Lowisz

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Lowisz is the Chief Executive Officer of Qualigence International, a recruitment research and professional search firm that he founded in 1999. Specializing in identifying and attracting passive candidates for its clients, Steve created the company to be different than any other recruiting firm. As a result, Qualigence has become known for the accurate and extensive research results it delivers as well as its partnership style of doing business for an hourly rate rather than commissions.

Devin Jaroslawski

Devin Jaroslawski

VP - Global Business Development

Global Sales professional with 14+ years of experience in Business Development, Client Relationship Management and Recruiting across a wide range of industries with various Fortune 500 companies.

Janelle Osborne

Janelle Osborne

Director Of Operations


The Qualigence team really interacts with the data and paints a picture to give you an idea of what it tells you, not just collecting the data but interpreting it…it allows me to present to our directors some really good market intelligence a person normally wouldn’t find.

Global Beverage Company Talent Acquisition Manager

The Qualigence team matches candidates to what I’m looking for, and that’s very unique. A lot of recruiting agencies throw people at you without screening against criteria of what the client’s looking for. They live up to expectations of what they say they’ll do.

Patti Collins - VP, Development & Marketing
Easter Seals

Three hires were made as a direct result of the research and recruiting facilitated by Qualigence International. When all was said and done--final budget and overall spend--the hires we made were at approximately 2.5% CPH. That’s unheard of.

Rockwell Automation - VP, Talent Acquisition