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About RiverRock Predictive, LLC

Certified Predictive Index Partner focusing on Individual and Organizational Consulting to drive Talent Optimization, Lean Thinking and Business Planning by integrating People Strategy and Business Strategy.

The name RiverRock for us signifies the concept of Transformation. Located in beautiful West Michigan with it’s abundance of lakes, streams and rivers along with the full expression of the changing seasons, transformation seemed a fitting name.

West Michigan offers such a wide variety of not only manufacturing in automotive, machine tools, furniture and so may others, a strong and growing medical dynamic is making the area a truly great place to call home.

Leveraging experience in Talent Optimization dating back to 2007, integrating Lean Organizational Management Dynamics and Strategic Planning processes is what RiverRock is all about. Culture is everything and partnering with clients to create a sustainable business structure is our passion. With Talent Optimization the key element of that transformation through Predictive Index we have no doubt there is a way to a sustainable business culture.

Team Leaders

Bruce Hawkins

Bruce Hawkins


Possessing a background in Leadership Development in Lean Organizational Environments has given me a solid foundation in individual and team development and dynamics. Utilizing Predictive Index in a number of leadership roles since 2007 has given me the unique experience of tactically integrating Talent Optimization with Lean Organizational Structure and Thinking. Merging Strategic Planning processes, building teams and facilitating individual development throughout the process. People are the heart of an organization and I have been fortunate enough to have worked under and with some exceptional leaders throughout my career. My experience has brought me to the point of being able to make an even bigger impact as an Independent Consultant and Predictive Index Partner full time. Culture is everything and the idea of "Better Work, Better World" resonates so very strongly with the Lean Journey that I have had the opportunity to be a part of in a number of manufacturing environments throughout the years. From Tier 1 high volume repetitive automotive manufacturing to OEM Job Shop environments. The same core principles and structures are at the heart of "Optimization" of an organizational structure. There is a way things work to make "Better Work, Better World" a reality. I am fortunate enough to be able to share my experience to help organizations do just that!

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