Product Plans

Start your talent
optimization journey today.


Identify the best candidate and interview with confidence.

  • End costly indecision and hire your next candidate with confidence
  • Align your hiring team on the must-have candidate traits
  • Send unlimited candidate assessments
  • Sort candidates by behavioral fit in seconds
  • Use tailored interview questions to evaluate with clarity and speed


Create aligned and
high-performing teams.

  • Build employee self-awareness
  • Improve team collaboration and results
  • Pinpoint reasons why the team might struggle
  • Implement custom recommendations
  • Visualize your team strengths with your strategic objectives


Empower managers to
lead like never before.

  • Solve people issues in a flash
  • Improve manager/employee relationships
  • Facilitate productive conversations
  • Help employees perform at their best


Measure engagement
and diagnose issues.

  • Identify the cause of low employee engagement
  • Get employees moving in the same direction
  • Maintain employee engagement
  • Create a positive company culture

All plans come with

Unlimited users

24/7 customer support

Permission administration & privacy assurance

Product onboarding & in-software education

Expert network of talent optimization consultants

Benefits of embracing
talent optimization

  • Synchronize your people and your business strategies.
  • Experience full-speed success as your teams align and achieve.
  • Create the flexibility your business needs to adapt and grow over time.
  • Build a winning culture of fully engaged and productive employees.

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy per assessment?

No, PI Hire is sold by number of Jobs and Activated Candidates.

Is this a subscription?

Yes. You’ll pay for an annual subscription to one or more PI products.

How many users can I have?

Your plan comes with unlimited users.

If I cancel my subscription, can I download my data?

Yes. You can go in and download data before it is anonymized.

What is talent optimization?

Talent optimization is the practice of aligning your business strategy to your talent strategy. Learn more about talent optimization.

Can we optimize one section of the business at a time (example: sales first, then engineering, then everyone?)

Yes. You can start by using The Predictive Index with one area of your organization, and expanding out as your needs evolve. Or, you can jump in feet first and introduce talent optimization software org-wide.

Can I try the software before I buy?

Yes. PI Hire offers a Basic tier that is free to try for up to 1 job. Our other product modules will be free to try later this year. Want to see a Demo? Contact sales.

Where can I learn more about the core features before I try them out?

If you have questions not answered by this plans page or FAQ, please contact our sales team.

Will my data be safe and private?

We’re committed to the security of your data and provide multiple layers of protection for the personal and employee information you trust to The Predictive Index. Find out ​​more about PI’s commitments to data protection and data security.

Is PI online or do I need to download software?

PI is browser-based and you do not need software.

Can I upgrade my account mid-contract?

Yes, you can reach out to your PI Consultant to upgrade at any time.

How do I add a new product module to my account?

Reach out to your PI Consultant to add a new product module to your account.

Can I purchase a monthly subscription?

No. Access to The Predictive Index is for an annual subscription.

What happens if I hit my contract limit?

A message in the software will alert you to your contract limit and a PI Consultant can help you to choose the right on going plan for your needs.

Do your products work for every industry and type of company?

Yes, talent optimization principles apply to any company or industry that can benefit from better aligning its people toward business goals.

What happens if I exceed the Basic plans limit?

After you exceed your Basic (free) plan limit, you must contact sales in order to purchase a higher tier.

Any other questions? Please book a call with our award-winning service team.

9,000+ companies use The Predictive Index to create teams that win—no matter what.

“PI has helped us become the company we are. We wouldn’t be achieving the recognition and seeing the growth we’ve had without it.” Ted Adler President, Union Street Media
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