In today’s business world, organizations need to constantly adapt. Need fresh perspective to drive that change? Each month, hear from a mixed panel of business and talent experts as we discuss the shared challenges organizations face—and the keys to long-term success.

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Perspectives - Breaking Through Bias
Perspectives: Breaking Through Bias
A consultant’s guide to challenging client misperceptions Your clients come to you seeking knowledge, guidance, and expertise. So, it can be discouraging when a client, or anyone else, actively downplays or disregards that expertise based on age, gender, race, or other traits. As an external consultant, you should expect some skepticism—but bias deserves no place....
How to Wow (and Win!) New Clients with Talent Optimization
Perspectives: How to Wow (and Win!) New Clients with Talent Optimization
Before you can serve your clients, you have to win their business. Our expert panelists share their tips and experiences around how to position yourself as a trusted business advisor. Watch this webinar to learn how to create a high-impact proposal driven by talent optimization principles, and overcome obstacles that otherwise threaten your well-crafted pitch....
Perspectives - Optimal Mindset
Perspectives: Optimal Mindset
How High-Performing Consultants Win the Inner Game Realizing your full potential takes more than hustle and grit. You need to develop the right frame of mind and overcome the challenges that consulting life throws at you. Watch this panel discussion on the importance of personal growth, learning, self-confidence, and resilience—all of which are essential to...
Perspectives - Charge What You're Worth
Perspectives: Charge What You’re Worth
How to pitch your premium services to clients As a consultant, you strive to build great relationships and provide world-class value. Unfortunately, this mindset often comes at a cost. If you always put clients and prospects first, you risk selling yourself short—mentally and financially. Consulting isn’t a zero-sum game. Supporting your clients doesn’t have to...
Perspectives - Help Clients Succeed in 2022
Perspectives: Help Clients Succeed in 2022
A Consultant’s Guide to Talent Optimization 2022 has only just begun, and we’re already at an impasse. As organizations look to navigate a still-evolving pandemic, their people have seen enough turbulence. They’re walking away from their jobs en masse, and searching for what truly drives them. As a consultant, you stand at the crossroads between...
Perspectives Bold Predictions for 2022
Perspectives: Fire Up the Flux Capacitor! Bold Predictions for 2022
Fire Up the Flux Capacitor! Traveling to the future? Impossible. Predicting it with data? That we can do. Join the Perspectives Team for a year in review. What went well for businesses in 2021? What trends came out of left field? Perhaps most importantly – what will consulting look like in 2022 and beyond? Come...
Perspectives - Show Me the Money
Perspectives: Show Me the Money
A Consultant’s Guide to Pricing Professional Services In a year dominated by changed workplaces and shifting strategies, client needs are constantly evolving. As a consultant, it can be challenging enough to provide the right services—let alone price them accurately.  How do you charge clients fairly? How do you demonstrate your expertise and get compensated for...
Perspectives - The first 90 days with your new client 2021
Perspectives: The first 90 days with your new client
You’ve secured a new client for your consulting business – fantastic! Now what?! Your excitement about the new relationship is tempered by a hard reality: The next 90 days will dictate the trajectory—and longevity—of this partnership. You want to make a good impression without being pushy. You’ll need to be prescriptive, yet receptive. You hope...
Perspectives-Scaling Your Consultancy
Perspectives: Scaling Your Consultancy
No matter the industry, experience or ambitions of your consultancy, scaling ain’t easy. Your growth goals may vary, but certain challenges remain: What are your priorities? Who or what is dictating them? How do you find the balance between automating certain processes and still providing a human touch?  In this webinar, we’ll cover how to...
Building Your Consultant Brand
Perspectives: Building your consultant brand
After a tough year for consultants, experts expect the management consulting market in the US to grow by 8.5% in 2021. The opportunity is there, but you need to stand out to seize it. Are you differentiating yourself and your services from all the other consultants out there?  Join Erin Balsa, Director of Marketing at...
Perspective- Why execs hire consultants
Perspectives: Why Executives Hire Consultants
Consultants have a massive opportunity to assist with talent strategy in post-COVID, hybrid workplace. But executive teams need proof of expertise—expertise with the latest tools, techniques and trends. Learn how specializing in certain skills, knowledge, or bandwidth can help take your consultancy to the next level, and realize ROI. Armed with the right understanding of...

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